Constitutive General Assembly of December 26, 2006 (pdf)

The BOD fixes the membership fee to 20 € / year.

The BOD decides that each adhesion will take effect as of payment of the subscription. This will be due annually and called to the date birthday of the first adhesion.

Mr Philippe Huetz was named at the post of scientific director. The BOD decides to grant to the director the following capacities: use of the bank card and the cheque book after systematic consultation of the BOD and this beyond 25 €. The BOD decides to authorize the scientific director to attend the general assemblies and the meetings of the BOD to give any information useful for the scientific policy of the association.

Following their request by email, we accept as members Pierre-Michel Depinoy and Guillaume Herlem.

The President and the Secretary-Treasurer.


Ordinary General Assembly of September 1st, 2007 (pdf)


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